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Baileti - Georgian black tea, Extra Breakfast

Baileti - Georgian black tea, Extra Breakfast

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Georgian 🇬🇪 black loose leaf tea

Sensory profile
aroma: pear, lemongrass, nut
taste: multifloral honey, fresh plum

Baileti Georgian black loose leaf tea is a real gem for tea lovers with an intense taste and aroma. It comes from the Guria region. It delights with its unique character. This tea may resemble the best Georgian tea from the Polish People's Republic and Soviet times, called "Gruzińska Extra". This tea had one of the highest quality classes in the Soviet Union. It has a nostalgic aroma. Very expressive in taste. The color of the infusion is deep black, which reflects the power and intensity of this tea.

Baileti tea is an orthodox tea, which means that all or most of it is made by hand. This is to preserve as much of the whole leaf as possible. The leaves are picked by hand and tightly twisted. They come exclusively from organic farming.

Order black Georgian loose leaf tea now and enjoy the excellent taste and aroma of this original Georgian tea.

Ilość porcji z opakowania

około 30 cups from 80g and from 250g up to 94 filiżanek (150 ml)

Ilość zaparzeń z porcji

2-3 times

Jak zaparzać

ilość: 0,8-1g/ 50 ml
temperatura: 95-98'C
czas: 3-5 min

Sposób przechowywania

w suchym i zacienionym miejscu, w temperaturze pokojowej

Kraj pochodzenia



Skład: herbata black leaf 100%

  • bez sztucznych aromatów
  • bez sztucznych barwników
  • z czystych ekologicznie obszarów
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