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Ekadia - Georgian green tea with mint 50g

Ekadia - Georgian green tea with mint 50g

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Georgian 🇬🇪 green leaf tea with mint

Sensory profile
Medium intense aroma and taste

A combination of Georgian green leaf tea with mint leaves from organic farming. Tasty and fresh, and completely natural - without chemicals, artificial flavors and dyes. Ekadia tea is perfect for both summer and winter days. It tastes great cold (ice tea, cold brew) and hot.

Green leaf tea with mint has many health-promoting properties, such as:
  • Rich in antioxidants: Green tea and mint are rich in polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. These substances help protect cells from damage and prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.
  • Improved digestive function: Mint has antispasmodic properties that help in relieving gastrointestinal complaints such as flatulence, indigestion and constipation. Green tea also aids digestion and reduces the risk of digestive diseases such as stomach ulcers.
  • Improved oral health: Green tea and mint have antibacterial and antiviral properties that help fight bacteria and viruses in the mouth. Drinking this tea can therefore help to improve the health of your teeth and gums, preventing tooth decay and gingivitis.
  • Improved cognitive function: Compounds in green tea, such as caffeine and L-theanine, may improve brain function. Regular consumption of this tea can help increase focus and concentration, improve mood and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
  • Aids weight loss: Green tea has thermogenic properties, which means it increases your metabolic rate and helps burn calories. Drinking this tea may support weight loss, especially when combined with regular physical activity and a healthy diet.
  • Improving the immune system: Ingredients in green tea and mint, such as polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamin C, can support the body's immune system, helping to fight against infections and diseases.
However, it is worth remembering that the effect of green tea with mint may vary depending on individual feelings and body reactions.

Ilość porcji z opakowania

około 20 filiżanek (150 ml)

Ilość zaparzeń z porcji

2-3 times

Jak zaparzać

ilość: 0,8-1g/ 50 ml
temperatura: 90-95'C
czas: 3-5 min

Sposób przechowywania

w suchym i zacienionym miejscu, w temperaturze pokojowej

Kraj pochodzenia



Skład: herbata Georgian 100% (green leaf tea 80%, Georgian mint leaves 20%)

  • bez sztucznych aromatów
  • bez sztucznych barwników
  • z czystych ekologicznie obszarów
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