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Guliani - black leaf tea, one bud, one leaf 50g

Guliani - black leaf tea, one bud, one leaf 50g

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Georgian 🇬🇪 black loose leaf tea 'one bud, one leaf'

Sensory profile
aroma: buttery
taste: slightly peppery, cane sugar

Georgian black tea of ​​the highest quality - one bud, one leaf. The leaves of this tea are plucked exclusively by hand from wild tea bushes located high in the mountain forests of western Georgia, far from civilization and human interference.

The young leaves and buds picked at the first harvest are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant and are said to produce the purest and freshest cup of tea the plant is capable of producing. The leaves of this tea are harvested when they are quite soft, along with the new shoots on the tea bushes. Picked in a combination of one bud and one leaf, first crops contain the most antioxidants or catechins, the stimulator L-theanine, as well as caffeine. Tea with a delicate flavor.

Georgian wild bushes are unique in the world. These are former Soviet-era plantations that were abandoned for 30-50 years. During this time, nature took care of the plants and created a unique ecosystem. The soil is enriched by forests and mountain water while the tea bushes are naturally shaded by tall trees. These conditions give this tea a unique aroma and unique chemical content, not found in other teas due to the high pigment content from the natural shade of the forest.

Order now Guliani 'one bud, one leaf' Georgian black leaf tea and enjoy its delicate taste and unique properties.

Ilość porcji z opakowania

około 20 filiżanek (150 ml)

Ilość zaparzeń z porcji

2-3 times

Jak zaparzać

ilość: 0,8-1g/ 50 ml
temperatura: 95-98'C
czas: 3-5 min

Sposób przechowywania

w suchym i zacienionym miejscu, w temperaturze pokojowej

Kraj pochodzenia



Skład: herbata black leaf 100%

  • bez sztucznych aromatów
  • bez sztucznych barwników
  • z czystych ekologicznie obszarów
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