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Porcelana Bogucice

'Bebok' mug with infuser, 300ml

'Bebok' mug with infuser, 300ml

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Porcelain mug 300 ml with an infuser and a lid with a figure from Slavic beliefs

BEBOK - a supernatural creature from Polish folklore, probably a Slavic demon. In folk beliefs in Upper Silesia, Bebok lives near human buildings. It can be found in forbidden, inaccessible places where children should not go. Bebok's hallmark is a large snout, sharp teeth and hairy hooves. Bebok is suspected of kidnapping naughty children who do not listen to their parents into a dirty bag. Some of the more aggressive Beboks also hit children with a stick. To protect yourself from Bebok, just follow your parents' instructions.

Porcelain Bogucice.
Dishwasher safe.

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