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Porcelana Bogucice

'Heksa' mug with infuser, 300ml

'Heksa' mug with infuser, 300ml

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Porcelain mug 300 ml with an infuser and a lid with a figure from Slavic beliefs - Heksa

HEKSA, or in the Silesian dialect, a witch, is a woman who can perform magic and other spells. It is said that on Thursdays and Fridays they organize dances, that they are friends with devils, collect morning dew or that they have cats that play violins and hens that lay golden eggs. Some people ignore it or laugh at it, but I don't advise joking here! Because if someone makes fun of a witch too much, she will fly over and prick you in the back with her nails - and this is an unexpected pain that Silesians call hexynszus, or a witch's blow. Some witches specialize in scaring, others in strangling or kidnapping children. And that is why we call individual witches striga, melusins, połednice or wraiths, moras. It is also said that witches fly on brooms, but Silesian witches usually fly on cucumber, sauerkraut or beer barrels. Why? Because a broom is just an ordinary flying vehicle, and a real limousine and the most desirable vehicle for witches is a barrel. So remember that for a witch, a broom is like riding an ordinary bicycle or a moped, and a barrel is like a big car. This shows that Silesian witches flying on barrels are the aristocracy among witches.

Heksa is such a woman, kero can do magic and other hocus-pocus tricks. I'm proud that I make music on Thursdays and Fridays, that there's dew in the morning for the thugs, that I'm friends with devils, that I have kittens that play on the skid row and hens that lay golden eggs. It makes people laugh and laugh at it, but I advise you to do it rather than make fun of it! Because when a jack is mumbling in its hexes, it will try to fly over and stab its hair with its claws in the back - and it hurts its leg so much that it also hurts the slonzoki to godajom - heksynszus, or pinned hexes. Because some hexes specialize in scaring people, others in suffocating or kidnapping children. Bestoż are one hexes we call goldfinches, meluzines, połednice or banes, moras. It was also said that the hexes should be given to the lotays on brooms, but the Silesian hexes should be given to the natives on okra barrels, sauerkraut barrels or beer barrels. What about what? Because Mietła is just an after-market vehicle for a wagon, but for real limousines and other vehicles driven by hex drivers, remember that a Mietła for a hex is equivalent to riding on an after-market wheel or on a Moplik, and a barrel is a big car. And from this you can see that the Silesian hexes - which are on barrels for the lotai - are the count's zorta of hexes.

Dishwasher safe.

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