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Teaoria - herbaty gruzińskie

'Strziga' mug with infuser, 300ml

'Strziga' mug with infuser, 300ml

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Porcelain mug 300ml with an infuser and a lid with a figure from Slavic beliefs, Strzig

STRZIGA, less often in the male form as striga, strigoń, according to the research of Aleksander Brückner, the Slavic striga comes directly from the Roman strix (pl. striges), a female demon with bird claws that feeds on blood. In some unclear way, these beliefs, probably through the Balkan peoples, were adapted by the Slavs, partially overlapping with the figure of the ghost. The Striga was a creature somewhat similar to a vampire. People who were born with two souls, two hearts and a double set of teeth, the latter of which was barely noticeable, became Striga. It was also believed that a striga was a newborn baby who was born with developed teeth. Once a striga was recognized in its first life, it was chased away from human habitations. Strigas usually died at a young age, but when one soul died, the other lived on and had to hunt to survive.

Dishwasher safe.

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