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Laituri - green leaf tea, spring, early harvest

Laituri - green leaf tea, spring, early harvest

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Georgian 🇬🇪 green leaf tea

Sensory profile
aroma: smoky, spices, flowers
flavor: chamomile, lemongrass, maple syrup

Green leaf tea, harvested from organic bushes from Guria. Leaves collected by hand, from early harvests ('Second flush'). Thanks to the traditional method of processing the leaves, the infusion becomes sweeter and very pleasant in taste. Laituri green Georgian loose leaf tea is a unique drink for true tea connoisseurs.

Georgian green tea leaves are carefully picked and minimally processed to retain as many natural nutrients as possible. Thanks to this, the infusion of this tea has a mild taste with notes of fresh flowers and light sweetness. The color of the infusion is delicate yellow, which will put you in a state of relaxation and relaxation.

Georgian green loose leaf tea also has many health benefits. It is rich in polyphenols, which may help protect against heart disease and strengthen the immune system. Drinking this tea can also aid digestion and speed up your metabolism.

Laituri tea is produced using traditional methods in accordance with the standards of the Georgian Association of Organic Tea Producers. It does not contain any flavors, dyes or enhancers. 100% natural!

Ilość porcji z opakowania

około 30 cups from 80g to 250g up to 94 filiżanek (150 ml)

Ilość zaparzeń z porcji


Jak zaparzać

ilość: 0,8-1g/ 50 ml
temperatura: around 80'C
czas: 2-3 min

Sposób przechowywania

w suchym i zacienionym miejscu, w temperaturze pokojowej

Kraj pochodzenia



Skład: herbata green loose-leaf 100%

  • bez sztucznych aromatów
  • bez sztucznych barwników
  • z czystych ekologicznie obszarów
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